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History of Chocolate and About Us

"Falling in Love for the first time is like tasting chocolate....
warm, satisfying and it stays with you for a
long, long time"
Did you know

Chocolate has been an addiction for Centuries! The Aztecs discovered it and called it Food for the Gods; the Spanish spiced it; the French Court drank it day in and day out; the Belgians shaped it and gilded it; the Dutch powdered it; the Swiss fondued it; the English shaped it into bars. We love Chocolate.
Did you know? takes 235 tons of cocao beans to make one ton of cocoa powder.

Did you know? takes 235 tons of cocao beans to make one ton of cocoa powder.
Did you know? takes fifty people buying one fair-trade chocolate bar a week to maintain an acre of jungle-growing cacao trees.

We savor it by the ounce, not gobble it by the pound!

While almost all women love chocolate, studies show the men come in at almost
equal addiction. It is said that consumption of chocolate is about 12 pounds per
person including children a year! (I would have guessed even more)

Chocolate by a chocoholic; cookies, cakes, candies, toffees, brittles.
Give to women, men, children ... they will get a hug and
a little love when they taste the freshness of our products.
How sophisticated their palate.

This site explores chocolate and toffees.....enjoy!

As a self taught chocolatier,
I didn't read recipes, I learned techniques,
flavor combinations and using my imagination ....
that is why the variety you will find here.
My palate mabJred and travel influenced my taste
J'adore Chocolat came to life...

YIKES! at times I tasted over the disposal! I had to taste and not eat! Needless to say, I gained a pound or two, especially when experimenting with the Liqueur Filled Liquid Cordials! (Not shown.Available by special order only. call me. 775 400-8700)


Always made fresh to order

Sometimes only the darkest richest bite will do for men, women and
children wanting that special treat. Chocolate.
The older we get the more our palate matures, getting more
sophisticated, so we get away from the sweet milky chocolate we grew
up with. We learn to get beyond the cloying sweetness, the brownies,
the sweet sweet frostings. When the palate is able to appreciate the
different flavors in chocolate, soon we will eat only the finest, purest
chocolate we can find.
That is what happened to me.
I became bored with sweetness unless it was the deep richness hug in
chocolate. Naturally moderation is the key in enjoying products on this
site. I do not offer plain brownies, but espresso cakes, hot spicy
chocolate cakes, brandy Italian Zuccato cake, adult-flavored cakes
made with cocktail ingredients, truffle cakes that are so dense just a
small piece will get your delicious fix. Enjoy.
As for free samples when you place your order!
Women Men and children love my twist on Chocolate

A hug in every bite, it is our way to give some
love from my oven! Pass it on!

We do not display
everything we make, so
contact us!